Welcome to GCB — we’re not an insurance company.

Game Changing Benefits is an independent insurance organization committed to helping families and seniors with their insurance needs. Our affiliated agents are professionally trained, value driven and community based. Their goal is to provide insurance solutions to put you in a much better situation than you were before. We call this a game changing experience!


Your health.

Medicare, supplemental insurance, long-term care — all things you have to think about. It can be difficult to know which decisions are the best for you and your family. With so many choices available it is important to work with someone who is objective with product selection. GCB can simplify the process with easy to understand information and recommendations that make sense for your lifestyle and goals.


Your adventure.

When you thought about retirement did you imagine cruises to faraway places, hours on the golf course or days filled with family and friends? No matter how you imagined your dream retirement, now is the time to get planning or review plans you already have in place. GCB can help you determine what you need, assess every possible source of future income and help you review your plan regularly for the rest of your life.


Your legacy.

Taking care of the people we love is often times the reason we work so hard. Will the people in your life be able to get by without you? It is an important question that GCB can help you answer. Let us help you explore the different types of life insurance available, analyze the costs involved and help you select a plan that will provide your family with the security they need and give you peace of mind.

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