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Choosing a Medicare Plan

Are you seeking Medicare coverage? If so, you are likely struggling to choose between the variety of different Medicare plans. Here are some tips you can rely on when choosing a Medicare plan.

Address Your Drug Coverage Needs

If you need drug coverage, the types of plans you can choose may be different. For example, if you choose to hold Original Medicare coverage, you will need to enroll in prescription drug coverage separately. For people who choose Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug coverage may be included in their policy. If it isn’t, members of Advantage plans can still choose to enroll in Medicare’s Part D prescription drug coverage.

Think About Your Budget

If you want Medicare benefits, you will have to pay some amount of money to use them. Though, Part A can be acquired premium-free in some instances. Normally, you can access Part A benefits for free if you have paid Medicare taxes for approximately 40 quarters. For Part B benefits, you will always need to pay a premium. Other costs may apply as well, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Consider Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you are enrolled in Original Medicare, you can also supplement costs by purchasing a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy. These plans help Medicare members lower out-of-pocket costs by supplementing your Medicare plan. They come in a variety of different plans, each offering different cost-saving benefits.

Weigh The Importance Of Doctor and Hospital Choice

With the traditional Medicare setup, you will only have access to Medicare approved health care providers in most cases. When choosing a Medicare plan, you should be sure to consider how likely it is you will need to see a variety of doctors. If so, also think about whether they are all likely to be approved by Medicare.

If they aren’t, you may be better off enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan that allows you to seek care outside of your plan’s network. While these plans do allow you to get treatment from health care providers that are not members of their network, it may cost more to do so. Be sure to discuss such decisions with both the provider and insurer to ensure that your care will be paid for.

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Choose A Medicare Plan

If you are now eligible for Medicare benefits, it’s time to choose a plan. The Medicare professionals at Game Changing Benefits can help you get started with the process. Contact us now to schedule a benefits consultation.