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Medicare Plans

Medicare offers many different plans. Every year, Medicare evaluates its plans to ensure they include the best coverage in accordance with new treatments and medical options. Because of this, sometimes Medicare policies change. If your current Medicare policy is changing, then Medicare will let you know. You can then decide if your policy is the right choice for you and if you are interested in switching to another Medicare plan.

Does Medicare Renew?

In most cases, your Medicare policy will renew. If you don’t let Medicare know that you would like to switch to another policy, then Medicare will assume that you would like to continue with your current plan.

There are a few situations where your Medicare policy will not renew itself. One of these situations is if your insurance company is not continuing with Medicare. In this scenario, you will most likely need to select another Medicare option.

If your Medicare policy is going to change and you want to switch to a different policy, then you should take advantage of the Annual Enrollment Period. During this time, you can make adjustments to your Medicare policy or switch to a new plan if you think that’s the right choice for you.

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If you want to learn more about Medicare, then we can help! At Game Changing Benefits, we love working with our clients to ensure they’re aware of all their different Medicare coverage options.
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