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Dental Vision & Hearing

Medicare was designed to support the older generation with their health insurance, covering everything from medical treatment to prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, and hospital stays depending on the plan that an individual has signed up for.

While Medicare as a concept offers a range of financial benefits to those who need support in covering their healthcare costs, there are many grey areas that too many consumers are left with little understanding of.

One of the major questions searched for and asked about Medicare is whether Medicare packages offer dental, vision, and hearing coverage. After all, as we move towards and beyond our 65th birthday, it is these areas that need to be protected if we hope to continue to live our normal lifestyles.

The Right Medicare Solution for Your Eyes, Ears, and Mouth

In short, Original Medicare – which combines Parts A and B for hospital and medical coverage – does not offer extended support with dental, visual, or hearing treatment. What Original Medicare does do is cover a limited checklist of issues associated with the eyes, ears, and mouth, including:

  • Infections caused by dental procedures
  • Oral examinations as part of an inpatient stay at Hospital
  • Oral cancer or a face tumor
  • Medical eye procedures such as cataract surgery or corrective lens surgery
  • Hearing tests as part of a Physician’s standard visit

For those who want more extensive coverage, which stretches beyond associated infections and diseases and includes general well-being, Part C or Medicare Advantage is your best option in terms of all-around coverage. This is because these plans and packages are operated by private insurance providers rather than the federal government, and so they can add extra coverage options to best serve their members and customers.

What is Included as Part of Medicare Advantage

Suppose you need extensive or all-around support for hearing aids, dental care, eye exams, and glasses. In that case, your easiest solution is to join the Medicare Advantage program, which covers a much wider base of treatments and medical solutions. These come at a premium cost, but it is generally a worthwhile investment for the support you will receive in paying the final treatment bill.

Consumers should note that not all Medicare insurance providers offer the same terms. The exact coverage will differ depending on location and provider.

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