Final expense insurance provides your loved ones with a death benefit of up to $50,000 after you pass away. The primary incentive for most is to leave enough behind for loved ones to cover all funeral expenses, which can be upwards of $12,000. Final expense insurance is coverage without the fear of rejection, as its enrollment process is among the easiest.

Who Can Get It?

Unlike other policies, insurability risk doesn’t lead to policy denial. Final expense doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age or health – however, these factors can influence monthly premium costs.

Companies often offer final expense policies to individuals up until 80 years old. Medical underwriting is optional, as there are two forms of final expense insurance – simplified issue, and guaranteed issue.

Which Version Should I Get?

If you are in good health, simplified issue final expense is the better option. You’ll be asked medical questions, which will mostly be yes-or-no. This option is more likely going to help you get a policy with a higher death benefit with lower monthly premiums.

If you are in poor health or prefer to keep your medical information private – guaranteed issue is the best choice. There’s no medical underwriting involved. The only step is signing up. The policy size may be smaller with premiums comparatively higher, but it’s a perfect choice for those who feel as though there is nowhere else to turn.

Should I Enroll?

Regardless of the situation you’re in, you can get a final expense insurance policy today.

Even if you already have life insurance, final expense is still a good idea. Your loved ones will have another layer of financial security, without needing to use funds from your primary life insurance policy to cover your funeral costs.

Another reason is to consider how helpful your contribution will be to your loved ones. This death benefit can be used for any purpose, and it is not taxed. These funds can cover personal expenses, be it leisure or debt. You are one enrollment process away from ensuring that your loved ones will have freedom and security.

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