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Medicare Part D

Original Medicare is the core benefits package offered by the Medicare affordable health care program for senior citizens and people diagnosed with qualifying disabilities. Original Medicare benefits do not include prescription drug coverage, therefore enrollees will need to acquire Part D prescription drug coverage if they wish to source their drug coverage through Medicare. This is what you should know about Part D benefits.

What Is Medicare Part D?

Part D plans cover a specific list of prescription drugs that are listed within their formulary. The formulary must include at least two drugs within each tier and category, ensuring that plan participants will have access to drugs used to treat the most common conditions. If your preferred medication or an alternative version of that drug is not listed in the formulary, you may be able to work with your insurance provider to apply for an exception. In the case of an exception, your Part D benefits will provide some level of coverage for a drug not listed in the formulary.

Can Medicare Advantage Members Enroll In Part D Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans often have prescription drug coverage featured within the policy’s benefits. Therefore, it is not necessary to enroll in Part D plans separately. If for some reason you would prefer to enroll in a Part D plan anyway, it may be possible. Contact the professionals at Game Changing Benefits to learn more.

Medicare Part D Plan Costs

Medicare Part D policies normally require you to pay a monthly premium to maintain your Part D policy. The premiums rise in cost as your income level increases but remain below $100 even at the highest tiers. If you also receive social security benefits or railroad retirement board benefits, your Part D costs may be deducted directly from your benefits payments.

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Find Part D Coverage

There are many Part D plans to choose from. Get help sifting through them. Contact the Medicare experts at Game Changing Benefits to find a Part D policy that’s right for you.